Put your solar panels to work for you.

Do you have rooftop solar but no battery storage system? We'll give you a battery for no cost - reducing emissions, saving on your energy bill, and giving you backup power if the grid fails.
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Make up to $100 per year

We share a percentage of the revenue generated by our algorithms from selling power back to the grid at times of high demand.

Have security against outages

The battery backup system will be able to power your home in times of grid outages, even if they occur at night or when there's no sun out.

Contribute to local sustainability

Having a battery storage system in your home allows you to help take load off of the grid when it needs it. This means that your local grid will be more resilient and environmentally friendly.

Who We Are

A team that cares about the wellbeing of your wallet and our environment

Jason Gabaee


Former Product Manager for Tesla's Powerwall. NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study.

Kush Sharma


Former Facebook software engineer and hedge fund quantitative researcher. Harvard Computer Science and Neuroscience.


How can you pay us to have backup storage?

We have a network of batteries in your county, which together form a Virtual Power Plant. We use algorithms to sell power back to the grid at the right times to support the grid in periods of high demand. This allows us to share a percentage of profits with you.

When can I use the electricity from the battery?

You can use the electricity stored in the battery whenever the grid is down, so no fear from power outages.

What will happen to the money I make now by selling back to the grid?

We'll give you the amount you would've made by selling back to the grid. We also give you a percentage of the additional profit from our Virtual Power Plant algorithms.

What qualifies me for Greenspace's Virtual Power Plant plan?

If you're in one of our supported counties and have a 1 kWh+ solar panel installation, you likely qualify.

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